About ANN

ANN Vision

Applegate Neighborhood Network works to sustain the integrity of the environment and human communities in the Applegate Valley and surrounding areas through education, collaboration, community activism, stewardship and science. We promote wildland conservation, ecological restoration, a sustainable rural economy, and community engagement in land management planning.

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Who are we?

Applegate Neighborhood Network (ANN) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization comprised of residents from neighborhoods throughout the Applegate Watershed, including representatives from several non-profit conservation, community and recreation-based organizations. We care about the Applegate Valley and its surrounding public land. The neighborhoods we live in are geographically distinct, though ecologically and economically connected and interdependent.

Our Board of Directors

What do we do?

ANN engages in issues that affect the environment and community in the Applegate Valley and provides a broad network of support for individuals and groups working on public land issues.

Public land borders every community in the Applegate Valley. This intersection of neighborhoods and public land presents a unique set of assets and challenges that make collaboration with and, or constructive criticism of, public land management agencies important. Our neighborhoods rely on the health and use of adjacent public land for clean water, scenic beauty, intact wildlands, sustainable forest products (e.g. mushrooms, firewood, wild-crafted medicinal herbs, building materials, etc), and recreation such as hiking, biking, equestrian use, swimming holes, paragliding, botanizing, birding, or a romantic evening watching the sunset from the Siskiyou Crest while sipping on Applegate Valley wine. Sustaining this high quality of life in the Applegate is a community-wide effort.

ANN works within the community and with government agencies to:

  • promote conservation and community-based values in federal land management in the Applegate Watershed.
  • create a forum for conservation and community organizations in the Applegate Valley to promote shared visions and goals.
  • create a network of residents and community organizations focused on sharing resources and supporting grassroots environmental activism.
  • promote the Applegate Community Public Lands Vision.
  • promote a sustainable localized economy in the Applegate Valley.

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