Board of Directors

Representing numerous sub-watersheds within the Applegate River watershed, the Board of Directors of ANN works to keep ANN focused on our mission, vision and goals. The board is a collaboration of grassroots leaders in the Applegate Valley that help make decisions and provide direction for

Marina Walker, Secretary
Marina has been active in community projects like the nuclear freeze movement, community recycling and food banks for most of her adult life. Since moving to the Applegate Valley in 2012, she became involved with ANN wishing to support its endeavor to maintain the beauty and health of the Valley’s watersheds and surrounding forests. She enjoys the abundance of hiking and swimming opportunities in the area, gardening, yoga, and screening plays for the Ashland New Plays Festival.
Marion Hadden, Treasurer
Since moving to the Applegate Valley in 2005, Marion has been working to protect our local watersheds. An avid hiker and birder, she has been a lifelong supporter of the environment through active participation in various groups. After graduating from the University of California at Davis, Marion spent 22 years training horses and equitation as owner of Marion Hadden Training Stables in Southern California.
Luke Ruediger, Program Coordinator

Luke grew up in Southwest Oregon and began exploring the region’s unique habitat and terrain at an early age. Living with his wife, Suzie, in a remote, off-grid homestead at the foot of the Siskiyou Crest, Luke has developed a deep relationship and intimate knowledge of local wild lands. Fascinated by the region’s beauty and diversity, Luke has long worked to preserve, restore, and protect the ecological integrity of the Siskiyou Mountains, through environmental activism and land stewardship. Luke has run forest restoration crews and businesses for 18 years, working in southern Oregon and northern California for private landowners and non-profit organizations. In 2013 he published a hiking and natural history guide, The Siskiyou Crest: Hikes, History and Ecology. Currently Luke writes a blog exploring ecological issues in the Siskiyou Mountains. Luke is also conservation director for the Klamath Forest Alliance’s Siskiyou Field Office working to defend wildlands throughout southern Oregon and northern California.