Timber Sale Monitoring Program

Federal land management agencies in the Applegate Valley and Siskiyou Crest region are continually planning and proposing timber sales throughout the Applegate Valley. Over the years, public land timber sales in the Applegate Valley have been highly contentious due to their social and environmental impacts. Both the Forest Service and BLM have logged large portions of the Applegate watershed, including much of the historic old-growth forest. Roads have been built across much of the landscape and vast ancient forest habitats have been clearcut creating a patchwork of plantation stands, high graded forests and old forest habitats. The abundance and connectivity of late successional or old-growth habitats has diminished due to timber harvesting practices on both private and public lands.

Today the Siskiyou Mountains contain a fraction of the old-growth forests that once spread across the Siskiyou Crest and into the deep canyons of the Applegate River watershed. ANN is committed to defending what remains.

ANN monitors public land timber sales, documenting site specific environmental conditions and concerns. We explore proposed timber sale units documenting their habitat conditions and conservation values. We also analyze the proposed timber sale prescriptions and potential impacts. We utilize this information and experience to engage the public in educated conversations about proposed timber sales and their outcomes.

We utilize this information to inform our site-specific monitoring reports, detailed public comments, administrative protests, appeals and objections to irresponsible public land logging projects. We advocate for conservation, the protection of wildlands, old-growth forests, biodiversity and intact forest habitats throughout the Applegate Valley.

We do not just monitor proposed timber sales on public lands. We also monitor the actual results of previously implemented public land logging projects, following their implementation. We conduct long-term monitoring of previously logged habitats. This information is used to document the impacts and actual on-the-ground results of public land logging projects.

Our timber sale monitoring program has proven highly successful. We have played a crucial role in canceling damaging timber sale units all across the region and particularly in the Applegate Valley. With your help or a generous donation, we will continue to protect native forest ecosystems in the Applegate Valley