Wildland Protection

ANN is committed to identifying, promoting, and protecting the last remaining wildlands in the Applegate Valley. The wildlands of the Applegate watershed extend from the arid foothills to the highest mountains summits of the Siskiyou Crest. The biodiversity and ecological integrity of our watershed is heavily dependent on the protection of the existing roadless areas, connectivity corridors and concentrations of biodiversity. ANN supports the protection of roadless areas and wildland habitats in the Applegate watershed and surrounding Siskiyou Mountains. We believe that by protecting these intact habitats and the corridors between them the biodiversity and ecological integrity of our region will be preserved. We work to address immediate threats with community-led, grassroots activism and promote permanent protection for regional wildlands.

Our program works to promote long-term protections, document the incredible biodiversity contained in our remaining wildland habitats and build a strong grassroots movement to protect and restore the connectivity of the Siskiyou Mountains by protecting the most intact habitats.